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The Quest for Clean Energy

The energy landscape is witnessing a seismic shift with an abundance of technologies turning the wheel of change. There is an urgent need to transform energy systems with the stress on the development and deployment of low or zero-carbon technologies, increasing dramatically. Energy providers are leveraging innovative technologies like analytics and management solutions to improve business operations and optimize energy distribution.

Pairing technologies like blockchain with IoT is beginning to make a profound impact on energy systems. With the right devices, energy systems can optimize their settings in a real-time context while monitoring and analyzing the performance of the energy-consuming device. Technologies like AI and blockchain are also strengthening grid reliability and flexibility, making renewable sources of energy-efficient and self-optimized. Energy storage is another upcoming trend that will play an important role in ensuring that the power supply and demand is in balance, to tackle the roadblocks in renewable energy. Combining storage systems with renewable energy sources can overcome the challenge of smooth and steady power supply in instances where the weather conditions are not suitable for energy generation.

Solar and wind energies are leaving a lasting impression on the energy sector due to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness in comparison to the conventional sources. As evolving technologies team up with these renewable sources of energy, they will see an improvement in price and performance as well. The economic benefits that these sources bring coupled with their low environmental impact will see the renewable move from being an acceptable energy source to a preferred one.

After exploring state-of-the-art solution providers, the trending technologies and understanding how technology can help enhance the use of energy, in this edition of Energy Tech Review, we have put together some leading-edge companies and views by industry experts. We hope this edition will help you in choosing a fitting solution that best meets your requirements.

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    Top Featured Vendors

  • A national provider of design and implementation energy efficiency solutions for homes and businesses focused on reducing energy use and generating long-term energy related cost savings

  • Energy storage solutions integrator/provider

  • Offers intelligent solar, grid and storage solutions

  • Voith is a leading full-line supplier for equipping hydropower plants, and develops solutions and services for large and small hydro plants

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